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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get Ready

...for a whole lotta pictures, because I got a new camera! We decided to go the Canon route this time, and after a somewhat strange and definitely interesting Craigslist encounter, bought a like-new Rebel XS, and an 18-200 lens. I LOVE this camera. I can't wait to sit down with the manual and really figure out everything it can do, but in the meantime, enjoy these random point-and-shoot shots I snapped this afternoon:


Lenetté said...

so how much does something like that cost?

i only have a 12.1 megapixel point&shoot and i can tell that it's going to limit what i'm able to do. there's no extra money for an SLR camera but i just thought i'd ask just in case i stumble onto one that i possibly could afford.

jen said...

Well if you're buying brand-new, the kits start at around $500 (body, lens, strap, etc) Because we really shopped around and bought used, we paid about that much for the camera AND a nice 18-200 lens that ordinarily sells for $400-500 all by itself. Gotta love deals. :-)

Jessica said...

I have a Rebel xs. :) But haven't fiddled around with the manual stuff as much as I'd like.

P.S. That new blog button is hawt! ; D

jen said...

Jessica, I'm excited that you have the same camera. You get some amazing pictures!!

And thanks, this super cool girl made it for me. I think you two would hit it off. :-D

Jessica said...

P.S. Your site is taking a long time to load lately. Have you viewed it lately and seen the notice about needing to update your layout codes?

jen said...

Oh NO, I just went to update my codes and they don't have my background anymore! I guess I'll have to start from scratch. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Believe it or not, my background is just one offered by blogger. Lol. But I've since saved the image so that I can use it on my own and so I won't be so afraid of blogger taking it away one day.

redrockmama said...

YAY!! You got a new camera!!

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