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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Plans and Passions

Last night we rang in the New Year with a carpet picnic of fried, not-even-remotely-healthy-non-food, wine, and season one of The Big Bang Theory.  Today we saw Mike's parents off at the airport, went to a movie with the kids, and started planning for 2011.

I avoided it for as long as I could.  As focused as I've been on living in the moment, thinking about a whole other year seemed somehow distasteful.  But it's officially here, and I can deny it no longer.  

So plan we must.

Everett is in a play this spring, with rehearsals starting next week.
We've got field trips and co-ops, appointments and day trips
We have visitors coming for a week in February
I'm beginning yoga teacher training in March (unless I change my mind about the timing, again, because.. well.. I do that)
I'd really like to edit my Nano book
A friend and I are collaborating on an unschooling project
We're tentatively planning a three-week trip east this summer.

And so it goes....

A lot of planning, figuring, thinking, and dreaming.  Right now though, I'm thinking of none of that.  Right now, I'm actually thinking of blogging (while I'm blogging, what are the chances?)  I read an article about blogging the other day, by the lovely Dan over at Single Dad Laughing, and it talked about - among other things - the importance of blogging every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  It also mentioned posting a picture with every post, which is why I included the yogi at the top of this entry (which really has nothing to do with anything, except that I mentioned yoga).  So, I was reading this article and thinking about blogging, and I suddenly decided that this will be the year that I will cease being Jen who occasionally blogs, and become Jen The Blogger.  Because, well why not.   Because I want to see over 300 posts in one year in my archives.

And because I can.

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Jessica said...

I'll be looking forward to more updates on your adventures!

And, the end of 2010 definitely turned into a blog a day kind of thing for me. Sometimes more than one! I think I have 42 posts in October. Couldn't tell you why, now. :)


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