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Friday, January 07, 2011

Sleep Deprivation and Science Centers

I haven't fallen asleep before 2:00 AM for several nights now.  And last night, all three boys spent the night with friends, where they too stayed up past 2:00.  First thing this morning, they went to a science class about electricity at the Science Center, while I got to go to the dentist to get my tooth drilled for an hour and a half.  (I wonder who had more fun?)

It was a tired group that reunited at the Science Center this afternoon for playing, building, exploring, and Gift Shop browsing. While I was dragging my feet - which were feeling a little like lead I might add - as we later walked out to the parking garage, the kids all got a second wind, and nearly took flight as they ran across the grass.  Oh to have that energy.

They're not immune to sleep deprivation's effects though, as one has presently retreated to his quiet little space, and another has cried no less than four times since we've been home.


My tooth is now aching, there was just very nearly a brawl over popcorn, and bedtime (my bedtime) can't come soon enough.  I've got several blogs in the works though (thank you not-very-nice mom at the dentist for the inspiration) and I'm looking forward to posting them when I've had a couple more hours of sleep.

In the meantime, another batch of cell-phone pictures....


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