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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My 2011 Dream Board

I'm not a fan of Oprah Winfrey - not even a little bit - but I do have to say that I love her little "dream board" creator. I first discovered it last year, played with it for an entire day, and printed and immediately tacked up my creation when I was done. Today I decided to do an updated version in honor of the new year.

I used a few of the same pictures and sentiments from last year, and a few that were new.

My dreams/visions/aspirations for 2011:

Faith - I feel like I'm at a crossroads with my faith right now.  It's been on my heart in a major way, and something needs to change.  Or get shaken up. Or turned upside down.  Not because I'm doubting it, or weak in it, but because..... well, I don't know why yet.  I just know that no matter what this year - or life - brings, it needs to begin with faith.   I have to start there.  So that's in the middle.

Love - Second to faith has to be love, and in particular my family.  These five people that live with me are my heart and soul and my rock.  This year, like every year, is about them.

Freedom - I couldn't do what I do, or live the way I live, without tremendous amounts of freedom.  Freedom to keep the kids out of school, freedom to parent them in the way we choose, freedom to enjoy the earth, freedom to explore, to learn, to embrace, to discover.  Freedom TO BE.  I never take advantage of our freedom, and only seek and appreciate it more and more.

Explore - Exploring is a running theme of unschooling in general... all of LIFE is an exploration!.... But this year, it also refers to a trip that's been a long time coming:  a nearly month-long drive and visit back east this summer.  It's a big trip for a lot of reasons, one that we weren't ready to take until this year.  My hope and prayer for this trip is that it's a smooth, memorable, and enjoyable trip for all six of us.

Gratitude - I can always have more gratitude.  A few specifics this year:  1) gratitude for the ability to pay off our debt.  It won't be completely paid off in 2011, but we will be very very close by the end of the year.  I feel a LOT of emotions when I think about that, but it begins with gratitude.  And 2) gratitude for our home.  I've been guilty this year of getting mopey and whiny and ungrateful for our house.  We were not intending to live here longer than a year or two, and it therefore never felt like "home."  I want to move so very badly.  I get frustrated by the market, frustrated by all the people walking away from mortgages which drives our value down even more, frustrated with the feeling of being "stuck."  Frustrated that the kids can't all have their own space.  I need to stop.  We're here for right now, for whatever reason, and this our house.  I want to appreciate it, and I want to make it beautiful and comfortable and make it our HOME. (Yes, four years after we moved in)  This is the year I will do that.

Believe - Simply because none of it will materialize unless I believe in it.  Corny,  but true.

Balance - Along with gratitude, another thing I am constantly, constantly seeking... especially this coming year.  Balance between work and play, solitude and fellowship.  Balance of mind, of body, of spirit.  Balance between being mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend... and just me.

Create - In regards to that balance, I'm not me unless I'm able to create.... something.  This year, I'm excited about seeing two big writing projects through to completion:  one on my own, and one with a friend.  I'm also looking forward to lots of blogging and lots of picture taking (once I get another camera)  Oh and I plan on more cupcake creating too.  For me, creating usually begins with pen and paper, which is why I chose the picture I did.  Coffee always helps too.

Joy -  It's all about the joy

Inspire - Finally, and perhaps one of my biggest goals for the year... Not only do I want to continue to be inspired by the amazing people I have in my life (many of whom live in my computer) but I want to inspire others as well, in any way I can.  My unschooling voice has gotten bigger and more confident as I've grown, and I'm thankful that I'm able to use it to connect with others.  And from a practical standpoint, last year I started formally studying wellness and nutrition, and decided to lay the groundwork for a future yoga/wellness/holistic health venture.  I've completed the nutrition portion, (in the sense that I've completed the required amount of hours that I committed to - not that I will stop learning about it!)  and will begin the yoga teacher training in just a couple of months.  By the end of the year, I want to be sharing both of them with others, and hopefully inspiring someone along the way.

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Lys said...

Jen, I love your post about your dream board. Just reading it inspires me! You've always had a great way with words, and I'm so happy that writing is such an important part of your life. I wish we lived closer. I'd love to hang out with the Jen you have become.


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