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Monday, December 21, 2009

Away in a Manger

Day 21 - Go Geocaching

No new pictures for today, other than our friendly little snowman. Today was... ok. We went out for a few geocaches, braved the grocery store to prepare for Friday, and I tried not to be completely bummed out by the fact that vacation has begun and I'm still sick.

Here's a picture from Saturday night's show though, both because it was a visually beautiful presentation, and because it provides a nice reminder of the "reason for the season." It's really not about me and my illnesses. Shocking.

That's my sister as Mary, and my brother in law as Joseph. The animals were all real, but baby Jesus was not. Tegan was still enthralled by him, and couldn't wait to go up and meet him after the show was over. I love that all my children are taking their own paths to come to know and love Jesus.

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Erika Seirup said...

That's really neat :)

You'll feel better soon!


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