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Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas has come and gone, like it always does, in a flash of food, fun, and new toys. Christmas Eve was wonderful, and I truly think that Christmas morning was the best we've ever had.

There's a scene in an episode of Friends that I love. The gang is sitting in Monica's apartment, about to watch the video that will tell them who made a pass at whom the night that Ross and Rachel were working on Monica's wedding invitations and ultimately conceived Emma. They were not going to watch it, and Rachel almost destroyed the tape, but in the end they decided to view it together to settle the question. Joey was so excited that they were going to watch it that he turned to Chandler, in his pure, completely childlike, Joey fashion, and simply said "I'm so happy!"

I felt like Joey on Christmas morning. Just... HAPPY. Something about experiencing the magic and excitement of Christmas through the eyes of the four children that I so deeply, deeply love. Watching Spencer shoot all his Nerf guns, seeing Tegan making tea in her new kitchen, playing Life with Paxton and Toss-Across with Everett. Hearing people chatting and laughing and just generally enjoying the day.

The house was full on Christmas day... even Julie and Getty came over with their tiny 8 week old Genevieve to visit for awhile. Mom and Dad were here, Sandi and Mitch and the kids, Barbara and Skip. It was big, noisy, and peaceful.

The day after Christmas we relaxed at home, venturing out only to buy the completion of one of Paxton's presents - a beautiful, candy-cane baby corn snake. Yesterday was just the opposite: We left at seven in the morning to head down to Tucson. We went on a tour of the Biosphere (amazing!), went out for lunch, toured the Titan Missile facility, did a couple of caches, stopped at Denny's for dinner, and finally arrived back home at 9:30. It was a fun day, and a full day.

This morning, we rest again. The kids have been happily playing, I've made a second pot of coffee, and the house is quiet. We're recouping, relaxing, and breathing.

I'm so happy.

P.S. Pictures coming soon.

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Erika Seirup said...

Sounds perfect! I am so happy for you that your Christmas was so wonderful!


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