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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Colds, Part 2

Day 18 - Have a pizza night

Day 19 - Drive around to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights

Day 20 - Have a campout by the Christmas tree

Tegan, the one who brought this ick home, is just about back to her normal silly self. I'm on day 5 of feeling utterly lousy, Mike's all achy, and Paxton can't stop coughing. But it's Christmastime, we're here altogether, and I feel happy and blessed.

Yesterday we went out for a few errands, colds be damned, and came home with:

I had been wanting to get another one for awhile now, so Bailey wouldn't be alone. She'd been without a roommate since Miley died, and rats are social creatures who do much better in pairs. I'd been thinking about it a lot in the past couple of weeks, and hearing about our friends' new rats fully ignited the flame. So yesterday, Penny joined the family. She is a sweet, calm, and curious albino dumbo, and the perfect addition to our menagerie.

Last night we went up to Anthem to watch Sandi and Mitch in a lovely living Nativity presentation, complete with live animals, a beautiful set, and much to the kids (and my) delight, a lavish spread of free refreshments, cidar and hot chocolate. We took the long way home, weaving in and out of several different neighborhoods for our annual Christmas light viewing. Tegan especially loved it this year, and "wow"ed, laughed, and pointed at all the lights, Santas, and reindeer we passed.

Today was decidedly low-key, with lots of Christmas movie-watching. Our only project was helping the kids work on some Christmas gifts they are making.

Tonight it's cold medicine all around, the season finale of Survivor, and a campout in front of the Christmas tree. Life's good.


Erika Seirup said...

Your kids look like mine...always half-naked! My neighbor has been over a few days this week and both times, Ethan was just in unders and Ashlyn was in the nude! She probably thinks I never have clothes on them. Hehe :)

Sickies, sickies, go away!

mandy said...

I think we are going to try the camp out by the tree. I didn't come up with the idea on my own but I read about it somewhere and knew that it would be a perfect tradition for my kiddos! :)


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