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Saturday, December 05, 2009


Day 5 - Have a movie and popcorn night.

Last night, Tegan and I picked up the movie, Up, in anticipation of tonight's movie night. The plan was to pop popcorn to eat while we watched - and we did - but we came home from grocery shopping so tired and hungry that we also included chips, crackers, and hummus. We pulled out our trusty (and dusty!) air popcorn popper, which Everett and Tegan have never seen before, and they were thrilled to watch it in action.

Tegan had just pushed him away in this picture, because she didn't want him to be in her shot:

Reluctantly sharing her space, but ready to push him away again at a moment's notice. He was happy to be in the picture, but had his defenses up just in case...

All was forgiven as the popper turned on, and they watched it do its work, together:

After the snacks were ready, we watched the movie. It was wonderful!

I'm the first person to admit that at times I'm not very personally excited about some of the TV shows or movies I watch with the kids. I enjoy them because THEY enjoy them, and it makes me happy to share in their happiness. But that was not the case this time, as I was watching just as intently as the rest of them. I even confess to shedding a tear or two at the end. Yes, I've turned into my mother.

Great, great movie, enjoyed by all. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.


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