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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Since there's no place to go...

Day 3 - Make paper snowflakes & mail holiday cards to thank our troops

The kids and I stayed close to home today, enjoying some stillness after a whole day out yesterday. Everett and I made paper snowflakes (Paxton just made one, and Spencer opted out) and in between snipping and folding, he made several virtual snowflakes too. Love this site!

Snow Days

We also went to this site, Let's Say Thanks, to choose some cards to send to those serving overseas.

And finally, a little Everett funny to share from the day: This morning's Jesse Tree ornament was a ladder, representing Jacob's dream. I started reading the passage to them, explaining about a dream with a ladder that rose all the way to heaven. Everett's eyes lit up with recognition.

"Hey, I remember that!"

"Oh you heard about it in church?"

"Yeah..." Thinks about it some more. "No, wait. I think maybe it was on Tom and Jerry. And it was an escalator, not a ladder. But it did go all the way up to the clouds!"

I love him.

1 comment:

Erika Seirup said...

Oh my heck, Jen. Some of those snowflakes are amazing! Of course the ones the kids made are too :)

How on earth did you do those?

You know what I really like? Your little snowman chalkboard. He seems so friendly and I like seeing him everyday with a new (and lower!) number on him.

I love reading your blog. Glad to have you back full-time!!


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